Volunteer FAQ

Open Volunteer Positions

There are many ways to get involved with KFAI. Here is just a sampling:

Vinyl Voices Support Team

You can join our Saturday DJ series as a representative of KFAI. Spend a Saturday afternoon listening to fabulous music, enjoying a couple free beverages and collecting contact information and customer tickets for raffles held during the event. Vinyl Voices takes place Saturday afternoons at Harriet Brewing in South Minneapolis. Your commitment would be one or two Saturdays a month. Additional Vinyl Voices events are being added all the time and opportunities will be cropping up there as well. 

Front Desk Manager

The Front Desk Manager is the face and voice of KFAI. This is the first KFAI representative a visitor will encounter, whether that person is coming in the front door or calling on the phone. Visitors are often relieved to hear a real person answer the phone, and the personal service of welcoming someone to the station cannot be underestimated. This vital job is a great way to learn more about other volunteers and people at KFAI. 

News Readers and Reporters

KFAI has frequent opportunities to get involved in the KFAI News Department, whether as a news reader or reporter.

Music Library

Maintaining the 50,000-some items in KFAI's Music Library is a never-ending task. Whether cataloging or making room for new items, there's likely an opportunity for you.

Event Representatives

All events that KFAI is involved in need volunteers to staff tables, answer questions, and generally serve as the point persons for Fresh Air Radio. This is a low-pressure, high pay-off way to volunteer for KFAI and get to know our listeners -- and listeners-to-be!


Frequently Asked Questions About Volunteering at KFAI
Volunteers at work for KFAIVolunteers at work for KFAI

How do I become a volunteer?

There are four steps to becoming a volunteer:

1. Review the list of open volunteer positions.

-Are you interested in any of these positions? Then fill out a New Volunteer Profile and let him know which position most interests you.

 2. Read the most important parts of the New Volunteer Handbook to begin volunteering, and keep a link to the handbook for you to refer to as a useful guide to KFAI. Click the title below to open the handbook in PDF format:

KFAI New Volunteer Handbook

If you cannot open a PDF file, please email Volunteer to request a printed copy.

3. Have you read the Letter of Agreement and Terms of Service in the Handbook? These are important, so please do! And lastly...

4. Fill out a New Volunteer Profile so that KFAI get in touch with you.

How can I get my own show on KFAI?
The preferred first step is to become an active volunteer. Providing us your contact information is part of that. You are then eligible to take Board Certification training classes that can help prepare you to become a program host. Once you have completed these basic classes, you will be in a better position to apply for program openings. Please note, you can apply to host a program before you are an active volunteer. In practice though, your chances increase substantially if you are already a participating volunteer.

What do KFAI volunteers do?
Nearly everything! Volunteers produce programming, work in the music library, represent the station at events, participate in committees, create station promos, contribute to the web site, and much more.

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