Open Volunteer Positions

Cart Crew

The *Cart Crew is a collection of production volunteers who meet weekly to produce (write, voice, and edit) station announcements and sponsorship messages heard on KFAI. There’s no limit to the number of volunteer openings on the Cart Crew, but technical production experience and KFAI production training are required to operate KFAI equipment. No previous audio experience is necessary to participate in lending your voice during a recording session.

*In radio, carts were [physical objects] used to store recorded announcements in endless loops of tape before the advent of digital technology.

Email volunteer [at] with the subject line: Join the Cart Crew

Front Desk

The Front Desk volunteer is the coolest seat in the KFAI house. Visitors are relieved to see real people when they arrive and hear a real person answer the phone. This vital role is an effective way to learn more about the organization, meet other volunteers, and network with people at KFAI. Or, if you are simply looking for an opportunity to work on your knitting project, do homework between classes, and catch up on your crossword puzzles, the front desk awaits!

Email volunteer [at] with the subject line: Join the Front Desk Crew

Music Library

We could use some help in two areas.

  1. Beautify the Library – We’re seeking a team of two to jazz up the iconic KFAI Music Library. This team will sift, sort, and spruce the space to pay respects to the archives while making space for new media that’s easy for the program hosts to find, play, and refile once they’re done!
  2. New Release Wizard – We’re looking for someone to manage the intake, organization, and publication of the digital and physical new releases sent to the station. Plus, there’s room to grow into places like charting, connecting with promoters, and talking with bands.

Email music [at] with the subject line: I Can Help Beautify or I Am the Helping Wizard, respectively.

The Wave Project

KFAI’s Wave Project is nearly an institution of its own—spanning more than four decades of public-access style radio. The Wave Project is the perfect entry point for people of all skill levels interested in experiencing the thrill of designing and delivering a live radio segment with the support of a mentor who provides creative and technical production assistance. Click here to find out more and apply for your Wave Project spot!


Your support makes all the difference.