June Announcements, rumors, stuff 'n' nonsense, etc.

June Announcements, rumors, stuff 'n' nonsense etc.

Found this on MNska.com: Jimmy Cliff is coming to the Minnesota Zoo on Sat. June 16th! He got on Letterman recently (6/6 to be exact) and played a tune, "One More", from his upcoming release ReBirth, and you can catch it on You Tube... it's crazy good, and word on the album is it's the best thing he's put out in decades! Reel Big Fish comes to 1st Avenue July 11th fronting the "Summer of Ska Tour". Their new Candy-Coated Fury, out sometime this summer, is a mixture of straight-up ska, pop/ska, and the kind of tight, hopped-up punk-with-horns they spent years building their rep on. 

Megalith Records is putting out Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra's new 2-discer  ...presents The Terrifying Lovemonster. Disc 2 ("Lost In Space", mixed by Victor Rice!) features PASO under their alternate identity Roots Rockers. Listened to a few cuts on You Tube, and this thing's a corker!  ...Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra's had Walkin' out since March. The Angelo Moore collab's on it, the Hiromi collab's on it... great stuff, but so's a new Kitahara original called "Hungry Beast" ...it'll freakin' DEVOUR you!! Rumor has it I'm planning to air it on an upcoming RSST.  Stay tuned...  _The Cap'n

Waaaay advance notice... Byron Lee's Dragonaires, minus the late, great Mr. Lee, of course, are kicking off this year's Carifest by coming to the Metropolitan Ballroom, 5418 Wayzata Blvd., Golden Valley, MN. on Fri. 7/27 at 8:p.m.   A soca band these days, you probably won't be hearing much ska from the current outfit_ but back in the day, the Dragonaires were responsible for some choice ska cuts which are go-to mainstays of my playlists_ a wild, organ-driven "Ska Dee Wah" comes to mind, as does the Blues Busters' Dragonaires-propelled "Soon You'll Be Gone" and Lee's own ska-era anthem "Jamaica Ska"  ("Ska Ska Ska! - ...Jamaii-caa Ska!"),  which just might be the second most-covered song in ska history... I'll have to research that. I do know that I have 2 versions by Lee (including a 1978 remake),  2 more by Annette Funicello (the latter backed by the mighty Fishbone), and Tajfuny & Alibabki (retitled "Wash Wash", oddly enough!), from a 7" 4tk. ep called "w rytmach Jamajka Ska",  the only ska/bluebeat record to come out of Poland in the '60s! Mine's a cd-r of somebody's Youtube upload...  where _else_ am I going to find a hopelessly long-out-of-print Polish '60s ska record???

RSST middle-hour guy Sherwood B. Funn passes this along... "I was listening to my alter-ego 'Subsonic' Stu filling in for Eric 15 on Voice Cried Softly 2/29/12 (it'll be archived for the next 2 weeks, and Stu had it goin' on... check it out!) when he mentioned the passing of The Peanuts' Emi Ito (4/1/41-6/15/12). The world-famous Mothra Twins sang on-screen to a superjumbo airliner-sized moth, and their career, which lasted 'til '75, spread far-and-wide beyond kaiju-monster-filmdom, encompassing jazz, lounge, cha-chas, bossa novas, rock, rock 'n' roll, and more. Check out Stu's tribute, and be expecting one on Sherwood's Planet the first week of July."