Technological Retreat

DJs: Greg Carr

Experimental, Podcasts, Web Exclusive


I’m here to announce more of the same! Beginning this Sunday at 4 pm, available online through KFAI’s “Irregular Audio (FA2)” stream will be the next series of one-hour Technological Retreat programs, featuring the audio sound collages from my 20th century radio program, that was broadcast from 1985 – 1989, and on between 1am – 6am on Sunday nights – Monday mornings.

Several years ago, I digitized over 100 cassettes of these shows and have been taking the sound collages or mixes, and putting them together in 1-hour presentations. 15 of these programs are available on KFAI’s website and on Spotify.

Sound collage is the live layering and mixing of different audio sources to create new pieces. Similar to the creation of a visual collage. Not an idea that I invented, but one I certainly played around with. My stuff never was sample based or a dance mix, more like a soundtrack for the subconscious. Radio & TV chatter, ambient city sounds and musical beds all mushed up. Now it’s called mash up.

Technological Retreat is available online through KFAI’s “Irregular Audio (FA2)” stream in conveniently sized travel packages, ready for your own personnel usage. Please listen Sunday at 4pm or at any time of your choosing through KFAI’s archive. I’m excited to be presenting these experimental radio programs through KFAI’s digital media stream.


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