Root Of All Evil

Sunday, 1:00 am to 6:00 am

DJs: ROAE Crew

Metal, Rock

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The Root Of All Evil Radio show is a hard hitting weekly metal show founded and forged by our metal brother Earl Root (R.I.P.) in the spring of 1987.  It is (as far as we know) the longest running Independent Metal radio show in the world!! 33.3 years of continuous head banging and horn throwing!  Bringing you Old School Heavy Metal, NWOBHM, Thrash, Crossover, Death, Grind, Doom, Black Metal, Power Metal, Prog, Folk, and every crazy genre of Metal in between! We also love to highlight our awesome local Minnesota metal scene!  Produced and creatively shaped by an orchestra of dedicated metal loving people known (in this world) as Mara the Death, Dr. Beast, Matt The Bridgetroll, The Dark Mistress, Doof Lawyer, No Name Nate and Mr. Muench. We will never stop pouring out the metal so you better keep drinking it, or they will come find you, and you don’t want that. Muhahaha.

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