Rocket Ship Ska Trip

Monday, 8:00 am to 10:00 am

DJs: Cap'n Cozy Little

Caribbean, Dub, Electronica, Exotica, J-Pop, Reggae, Ska

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RSST as a weekly two-hour tour debuted Mon. morning 7/31/17!  Mixing up traditional, 2-tone and modern ska and rocksteady with space-age lounge, latin jazz, higher-AND-lower-than-fi exotica, moog-o-phonic-a-delia, 8-bit bebop, big-band ska/lounge and more of all eras, the newly-promoted “Cap’n Cozy” (and alter-ego Sherwood B. Funn) takes you all over the map and then some, alternating roughly half-hours with each other in a weekly tag-team music match!

Our old Cap’n, 2much Freetime, sez:  “d.j. cozy little, I hereby promote you the new Captain of the RSST, a radio show now celebrating its 18th year on the airwaves, and officially old enough to drink! I’m looking forward to my cush new gig in, around and all over the Triangulum Galaxy as a test-pilot for Universal Flying Omnicraft’s latest experimental UFOs! Cozy, you’ve got this… have Funn!”

And don’t forget, if you miss the show, listen anytime on the internet… all KFAI-originated shows are archived online for 2 weeks_ sometimes more!



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