AM Drive: Poetry, Science & Wrestling

Wednesday, 6:00 am to 8:00 am

DJs: Paul Brohaugh, Mark Koerner

Arts & Culture, Bluegrass, Caribbean, Country/Folk, Disco, Easy Listening, Europe, Field Recordings, Folk, Funk, Idiosyncratic Serendipity, Indigenous/North America, Interview, Jazz, Latin, Latino, Local, News, Old-Time, Public Affairs, Spoken Word, Sports, Unclassifiable

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Poetry, Science and Wrestling is a cultural conversation based very loosely around the aforementioned pillars of society, in roughly that order, with a heavy dose of sentimental folk music, acoustic party music and bits of classic jazz.

We also hope to feature snippets of and cross referencing to other KFAI music programs, along with short cultural and scientific features. This is our basic rundown for Wednesday mornings with Paul Brohaugh and Mark Koerner:

6:00 poems, birthdays, music, sports, weather, riveting conversation, crossword dilemmas

6:20 “Engines of our Ingenuity”

6:31 MinneCulture, or sometimes a recording of someone else talking about something interesting

6:55 “Poetry Picnic”

7:05 occasional live interview or special feature

7:20 “Science and the Sea”

7:30 live musical interlude, or live poetry

7:45 “The Wrestler’s Corner”

If you have a recommendation for an interview, live music or live poetry, please email Paul at [email protected]


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