International Jazz Conspiracy

Wednesday, 10:00 pm to midnight

DJs: Emel Sherzad

Art Rock, Contemporary Jazz, Experimental, Free Jazz, Fusion, Improvisation, Jazz, Jazz Rock, Middle East, Musique Concrete, No Wave, Prog Rock, Rock In Opposition, Soundtrack/Instrumental

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The program is a sonic journey through contemporary jazz, free improvisation, new music, hindustani music, flamenco, world music, underground, avant garde and art music from different corners of the globe, as well as interviews and live studio performances by local and visiting artists and the occasional musical restructuring*. An adventure in sound,  a journey into the tone world.

Hosted by Emel Sherzad.

‘May music never just become another way of making money.’
– Keith Tippett

*musical restructuring: simultaneous playback/mixing of various audio sources, a.k.a. audio collage.


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