Fresh Fruit

Thursday, 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

DJs: The Fresh Fruit Collective

Arts & Culture, Interview, LGBTQIA+, Politics, Public Affairs

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Fresh Fruit, the longest running weekly Queer radio show in the country, has been live on KFAI Fresh Air Radio since May 11, 1978.

Fresh Fruit Collective Hosts:

1st Thursdays– Quinn Villagomez

General topics, Pop Culture, Queer People of Color

2nd Thursdays Roxanne Anderson & Quinn Villagomez

General topics, RARE Productions, Trans & Queer people of Color

3rd Thursdays Dixie Treichel

Arts, Entertainment, Philosophy, Politics, Surprises

4th Thursdays   Alfred Walking Bull

Humor, Health, Recovery, Indigenous/Two Spirit and Queer-identified artists

Engineers – Roxanne Anderson, Dixie Treichel, Quinn Villagomez, Alfred Walking Bull

Visiting Hosts/Engineers – Leigh Combs, Peter Gokey, Andy Birkey, Jeremy Brezovan, Pat Nelson


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Fresh Fruit: 35 Years of Queer Radio, an audio documentary by Dixie Treichel for MinneCulture

This Way Out the International Queer Radio Magazine

Queer Links

The Trevor Project, suicide prevention services for queer youth

Suicide and Depression Awareness for Students

Suicide Prevention Resource Center and hotline, LGBTQ

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

On May 14, 2013 Minnesota became the 12th State to legalize same gender marriage.


11/30/2023 Fresh Fruit
DJs: The Fresh Fruit Collective


11/23/2023 Fresh Fruit
DJs: The Fresh Fruit Collective