A kfai.org web exclusive program, CRZ’s Dollar Bin features selections curated from clearance racks, thrift stores, vintage vinyl boutiques and online retailers around the world, with absolutely nothing costing more than a dollar!

Expect to hear artists you may recognise, but perhaps some songs from them you may not.

There will usually be no cohesive theme and no genres are off the table – although Chris definitely has his leanings.  Extended 1970s/1980s dance jams from 12″ singles will sandwich Cruise Control smooth favorites peppered with “can’t be forgotten if nobody remembered it in the first place” electronica and techno, washed down with at least one thing about which you’ll wonder how the heck it ever got released, much less in the hands of somebody who’d stick it on their radio show.  And he’ll tell you all about it.

Our hope is that we share a fun, fast hour of music and discovery and after it’s done, you’ll want to come back next Tuesday to stream the next episode!

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…and Twitter:  https://twitter.com/DollarBinShow

EVERY episode is archived to Mixcloud!