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Do you know who played Maria in the Broadway Production of The Sound of Music? (Hint :It wasn’t Julie Andrews.)? Do you know who Bonnie Raitt’s father was (Hint: He didn’t play Curly in Broadway’s Oklahoma!). Do you know who wrote the lyrics to West Side Story? (Hist: He always said “I Feel Pretty” was the worst song he ever wrote and he wrote a lot.)

The answer to these and many more questions can be found in The Broadway Project. It’s not a chronological history of Broadway. Rather, host Liz Olds picks a topic for each episode and explores Broadway’s take in that topic. Episodes include duets, great leading ladies, great leading men, list songs and tongue twisters, places, kids on Broadway, Sex and Other Sins and more.

3 years in the making (Can you say COVID) the Broadway Project shares interesting tidbits of information as well as the major stories of the people, shows and songs of 42nd Street. KFAI is happy to provide the platform to share the Broadway project to those who love Broadway and those who want to know more.



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