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Across The Board is like listening to a live mix tape. This freeform program takes you on a spin through a wide variety of musical genres. Tune in to hear DJ SLT every Friday from 2-6 am for a unique listening experience.

DJ SLT specializes in goth, industrial, pop, Bowie, new wave, noise, glam, ambient, audio samples, movie soundtracks, and any other style of music that catches his ear. DJ SLT also hosts Collectors Corner, where you, the listener, can come on air to talk about the music you love & obsess over.

Occasionally, Across The Board will feature guest DJ’s.
ATB’s current guest DJ’s are Weston East, Jeremey (King of Collectors Corner), and Musically Rich.

Weston East: bio TBA

Jeremey (King of Collectors Corner): bio TBA

Musically Rich: bio TBA



Also, stay tuned for regular theme shows including: the annual David Bowie Birthday Bash, all ambient (regular and Cryo Chamber records), annual Halloween specials, tributes to WLOL & KJJO, Trinity (songs of nuclear panic & destruction), Salute To Soundtracks (soundtracks from all genres of movies), and Smothered In Covers (covers of popular songs)


In recognition  of freedom of speech protections in the First Amendment and  the FCC’s relaxed policy on late night/overnight  language, Across The Board may include song lyrics some  listeners find objectionable.  

Listener discretion is  advised


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