Write On! Radio – John Medieros + Bill Schnee

Write On! Radio – John Medieros + Bill Schnee

Originally aired March 30, 2021

Ian starts off the show, joined by writer John Medieros, by diving into a conversation about the pandemic that swept the world before COVID: the HIV-AIDS crisis. Medeiros and his identical twin brother participated in a gene therapy study in which the HIV-positive twin was infused with billions of genes from the HIV-negative twin, as detailed in his memoir, Self, Divided. 

After the break, Liz brings out her music chops and welcomes Bill Schnee on air to discuss his fascinating experiences doing audio production and engineering for such brilliant minds as John Lennon and Ringo, Whitney Houston, Barbara Streisand, and many more. These magic yarns and more can be found in his new book Chairman at the Board.

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Write On! Radio
Write On! Radio - John Medieros + Bill Schnee


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