Write On! Radio – Emerald Garner + Tess Gunty

Write On! Radio – Emerald Garner + Tess Gunty

Originally aired October 4, 2022.

Dave starts the show by speaking with Emerald Garner, who is the founder of We Can’t Breathe, the author of memoir Finding My Voice, an activist, and the daughter of the late Eric Garner. Beyond recounting Garner’s experience losing her father to police violence and the far-reaching aftermath, it details her path to activism and where she finds empathy and a call to action.

After the break, Annie speaks to Tess Gunty, author of this year’s National Book Award contender The Rabbit Hutch, about the roles of female saints and mystics, subverting the male gaze and the notion of exploited women “asking for it,” Internet-speak in books, and crafting complex and compelling characters.

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Write On! Radio
Write On! Radio - Emerald Garner + Tess Gunty


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