Somali Link Radio – Urban Farm, Not Toxic Harm!

Somali Link Radio – Urban Farm, Not Toxic Harm!

Originally aired March 15, 2022. 

The East Phillips Urban Farm proposal is way more than a farm—it’s a group of diverse neighbors and families coming together to stand up against environmental racism that has led to systemic pollution and toxic air that causes illness, asthma, and other painful and costly health conditions in residents.

Activists and community members Dean Dovolis and Joe Vital join Bihi from East Phillips in the wake of Mayor Frey vetoing the Council’s approval on the farm. Joe and Dean explain how Minneapolis leaders choosing the farm proposal over the vehicle storage facility can:

  • reconnect the community with the land
  • improve food and air quality
  • provide control and ownership to Indigenous, Black, Latinx, immigrant, and other POC communities
  • connect to other movements in the family, youth, and education spaces

and improve on other wrongs of the Arsenic Triangle. They also speak truth to power about Frey, Osman, and other local leaders’ responses to the proposal, and shout out leaders who are helping.


Get involved or learn more:

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Learn more on the EPNI webpage

Somali Link Radio
Somali Link Radio
Somali Link Radio - Urban Farm, Not Toxic Harm!