Culture Shock MN. Episode 1 – Meet Your (North) Stars!

Culture Shock MN. Episode 1 – Meet Your (North) Stars!

Amina (aka “Dee”) and Annie are friends and Minnesotans who are always looking for that story—the one about you living through something that shaped how you see the world and yourself in it. This story has to be told in-person, so the laughs and the pain are coexisting right there.

Amina moved from East Africa (Somali and Kenya) to the United States when she was middle-school age. Annie is a longtime Minnesotan has never even been outside North America. That said, having mental health challenges while living on the East Coast definitely threw her for a loop.

Together, Amina and Annie get away from the bite-size, reductive stories we see on social media and clickbait news and have full conversations with friends new and old. We discuss the culture shocks we’ve felt—the ones that made us who we are, and the ones we can’t WAIT to forget! On the way, we dig into interracial friendships, what it is to feel “like home,” family (chosen and born). We also get into mental health across cultures, the social issues that affect us all, and the pop culture pieces we’re excited about.

On this first episode, Annie and Amina interview each other and introduce the show before we welcome guests in future episodes.

Illustration of Annie and Amina
Culture Shock MN
Culture Shock MN. Episode 1 - Meet Your (North) Stars!


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