July 2013 TruthToTell Archives

Sometimes one is brought up short by the sheer numbers of remarkable efforts of Twin Cities communities or neighborhoods to improve life and return to the same level of collective existence under which almost all of our forebears operated, sometime in small towns, sometimes in ethnic and spiritual enclaves within very large cities, sometimes in small fiefdoms in developing areas of the world.

Why in the world is TruthToTell taking on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement trade pact now in negotiation half the globe away? Usually, TTT is less concerned with subjects like the TPP than we are teepees and HERCs and the local NAACP, among the many state, local and regional issues confronting our

Does any one of us know precisely what is and what is not guaranteed by the Constitution by way of individual or privacy or free assembly, free press or free speech? Are such freedoms once assumed so easily limited by the laws and rules Congress passes and the Administration invokes. In other words – is our right to privacy threatened by our obsession with security?