May 2013 Archives

Author-historian Martin Duberman reconsiders the gay movement; France finalizes its “Marriage for All” bill; A Roman Catholic lawmaker converts to equality in Rhode Island; Colombian marriage activists are undaunted by legislative rejection, Cuba’s sex ed head is denied an “Ally” award, ignorance muddies Mongolian activists’ magic moment, and more global LGBT news

A pro athlete’s “outing” wins championship coverage; A fired Ohio lesbian aims to teach her diocese a lesson; Two more Brazilian states declare marital parity, but Northern Ireland lawmakers quash a marriage equality bill, while Samoa decriminalizes its “third gender”, “Best Gay Friends” are a hit in Vietnam, the world’s first elected “out” head of state retires, and more LGBT news

The Deadly Nightshade blooms anew; Lesbian athletes: out since ’81; Delaware joins the U.S. marriage equality club, as Minnesota moves and Illinois inches toward membership, while Albania revolts against homophobia and hate crimes, young gay lovers are persecuted in Zambia, Sydney’s “Glorias” recognize inglorious bastards, and more LGBT news

Minnesota makes it a U.S. marriage equality dozen; We might make you gay, but lesbian moms make you smart; International actions oppose homo- and trans-phobia, protestors squelch a Ukrainian job rights bill, an E.U. poll proves that the poor and the young bear the brunt of anti-LGBT bias, Brazil’s Justice Council opens the door to marriage equality, and more LGBT news