December 2012 Archives

Veteran lesbian-feminist agitator Ivy Bottini reflects on some of her best of times, while AIDS Quilt founder Cleve Jones recalls some of his
worst of times.

Discovering “Strong (gay) Love” songs from the 1970s UK and US; Waxing rhapsodic about KG MacGregor’s new lesbian romance novel; Reading Janet Mason’s “Tea Leaves”; The UN moves to block trans executions, gay couples sue for happiness in Singapore and Taiwan, a Nevada federal judge decides that marriage equality scares off straights, and more LGBT news from around the world

The U.S. Supreme Court takes the bait for marriage equality; The Mexican Supreme Court’s Oaxaca ruling portends national wedding rights, elder lesbians are first in line for their Washington marriage license, a Black gay couple joins the “Jet” set, an Israeli gay couple finally gets permission to end their Canadian union, “Sulu” advocates among the “Archies”, and more LGBT news from around the world

Ricky Martin enjoys La Vida Activismo at the United Nations; Uruguay lawmakers leap for marriage equality in a landslide, equality activists summon Obama to the Supreme showdown, Ukrainian homophobes attack a “no promo” demo, Uganda’s Parliament won’t “Kill the Gays” this year, and more global LGBT news; plus Janet Mason reveals the SAGE wisdom hidden in her “Tea Leaves”, and queer comings and goings in 2012

Our “NewsWrap” crew took some time off for the holidays, but they’ll catch up on some of the news in or affecting global LGBT communities in 2 weeks.
On this week’s special show, JD Doyle, of “Queer Music Heritage” and “OutRadio” fame, serves up some delicious seasonal music by proudly “out” performers from around the world to help make your yuletide gay!