April 2015 Archives

This week, in for Angie and The Nighthawk, it's Norrie Morse!

Questions: Can classical gas power flying saucers? Can Fujiya and Miyagi truly go in one ear and out the other? Did you know that lollipops could use their paws to swim in space? And will these impenetrably strange questions really be answered by the music on this playlist?  Yagotta be kidding me… so enjoy the show, it's up for the next two weeks!

It was another week for Norrie Morse to be "In Your Ear," but he had RSST's Cozy Little for a warm-up act, and we're sure you'll agree that Earth Wind & Fire's cool fire did the job nicely! Later on, Ella Fitzgerald brought some of Cream's sunshine to keep things burnin'. During Norrie's set, Earth & Fire (minus Wind, and a completely different outfit!) returned to ignite things some more.

Mr Gosh sat in again and spun around for a few hours.  Some early American & English punk rock; classically influenced rock and lots of great covers, including the "only known song" that both Joy Division and New Order both recorded. Not one of their own, but Velvet Underground's Sister Ray.