August 2012 Archives

Big thanks to Sir Chadwick and Lady Tracy for stopping by with the new VINYL for The Fret Rattles called The First One! Also known as DR Rock the Monkey, they brought down some great music to share with all of us. Then on to the ALBUM release party Friday night at the 331 Club (part of Freewheelin’ First Friday series).

With the olympics going on over in England, how can I resist some British invasion?

Tonight I am joined by David Beckey and Matthew. They brought down some great music. Even though Matthew thought that he was just hanging out, we made him talk!

Thanks to Sabrina Crews for filling in for me while I was coughing my head off! Here is the list she sent me…

Jazzed Up and Bonkers on In Your Ear tonight! Dan and Travis have taken over the studio tonight…enjoy!