March 2017 Global Beat Archives

Global Beat on March 8th was pre-empted for KFAI's annual International Women's Day special programming.  

Opening today's show with sounds of Paris — with a bossa nova & a folk swing.  Paris is also known for its links to African nations – so I go to a very recent release from Senegalese mbalax artist, Youssou N'dour.  After an extended set from N'dour I play a brand new release from a French jazz combo covering some American classics.  In recent weeks I have been playing vocalists from North Africa and continue with tracks from Souad Massi's first release; Massi is an Algerian ex-pat living in France.  

My data entry went a little awry.  This is actually the playlist list for March 29.  Not March 22.  That playlist is posted under the first date (3/29).  Also the 3/22 program was part of the Spring Pledge Drive.  I want to thank each and every supporter of KFAI for their community spirit – lending their shoulders to the effort !  SO springing ahead to March 29 – I also had two guests from the MN Cuba Committee's Cuban Film Festival.

I have a mixup – for you to decode.  Today's playlist is actually the list from a week earlier.  If you found yourself here — you can find the Global Beat playlist for March 29 at the previous listing for March 22.  That's where I have placed 'THIS' week's listing.  So sorry.