December 2012 Modern Kicks Archives

More new music. Lots of new music. SO MUCH NEW MUSIC — including new songs from BLEEDING RAINBOW, PARAKEET, COOL GHOULS, BIG DIPPER, and FIDLAR.

As we creep closer to the end of the year, Sean discusses some of the best new music from the past year.

Tune in and listen to this exciting two-hour set of music — including new songs from THE HISTORY OF APPLE PIE, EVIL EYES, NOVELLA, SALT FLATS, and THE PEOPLE’S TEMPLE.

With only two days before the much hyped MAYAN APOCALYPSE, Sean plans for the worst by curating a special two-hour playlist filled with songs about the end of the world and a few of the best songs from the past year.

Hunker down, grab your canned goods and tune in to what might potentially be the last episode of Modern Kicks ever — including new songs from PONY TIME, POP ZEUS, PLATEAUS, PAWS, and PRISSY CLERKS!

WE SURVIVED — and look at all these wonderful gifts!

Pour yourself another glass of eggnog and tune into this new episode — including new songs from WAVVES, VERONICA FALLS, SAM FLAX, PUNKS ON MARS, and THE BAD LOVERS!