June 2017 Sonic Pleasure Archives

Hey, it's DJ Weston East and Subsonic Stu in to sub Sonic for 2 weeks! A 4-song salute to Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited leads off, as they created SP's opening theme The Wobbler. Their debut vinyl 45 Phantom Rider yielded the b-side Spooky Shore heard here, followed by two of their numerically-titled tunes to launch a rare all-instro SP episode.

Weston East in for Georgia for Week 2 of 2! Highlight #1: I liked last week's Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited quadruple-play so much I thought I'd do another one, this time featuring The Fluid Soundbox and The Spacesound Effect albums. Highlight #2: MONSTER tribute to the many different incarnations and identities of GONG. There was plain ol' Gong (well, OK, not so plain!), then Planet Gong, Mother Gong, New York Gong and Pierre Moerlin's Gong, who started our set out.