November 2013 Archives

Episode 7 premieres a new path for Synthwaves. The show launches by Immersing the listener in deep synth space and time for a cosmic 30 minute audioscape featuring some of the hottest artists on the synth scene including Dynatron, Starforce, D/A/D, Shio-Z and Palm Highway Chase to name a few. The second half of the show features an interview with the Synth scene legendary music producer and blog writer Playmaker ( aka Discoballistic ( Prepare for tales of Palm Highway Chase’s “Escape from New York” on vinyl, DJ sessions with 80s Stallone and near meetings with MPM in London. The show ends with a 15 minute Discoballistic mini-mix featuring a brand new instrumental of a track for an upcoming holiday compilation release called Xmas Time. It all happens NOW!