COLIN ROBINSON, host of The Transatlantic Mixtape Of Your Mind, is a Senior Lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University, England. He has lived and breathed Radio since he was 10 years old!

Colin discovered KFAI because of a song played by Ron Boogiemonster Gerber, host of Crap From The Past. Since then, he has recorded long-distance sit-ins for KFAI shows, Wave Projects, program IDs, and recurring audio segments for the station.

Colin’s love affair with KFAI prompted him to travel to Minneapolis during a recent family vacation. He was an on-air guest of three of the station’s programs. After meeting many friends with whom he’d interacted for years via radio waves and the Internet, Colin knew he wanted to host his own show. He left Minneapolis with a quasi-imaginary PhD in Popology and Discology, granted on-air by Dr. Ron Gerber!

Convinced of the value of radio processes in enhancing education, Colin has delivered courses, academic papers, and international presentations on the subject. One of his many broadcast experiences was his involvement with ROMEO ECHO DELTA.


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