Bonjour! Care For Some Balkan Wedding Music? Or...

...or dub reggae? Or the post-punk, post-modern music found on "Modern Kicks?"

Overnights from Tuesday to Wednesday morning capture it all...from the romantic to the strange, from the rebellious to the polite: music hosts from 8pm - 6am have complete authority over what they play and they have that freedom thanks to listener-members. Support during our fall pledge drive has been amazing; we are well over half-way to our goal of $70,000. Please keep the momentum strong by calling 612-375-9030 or by joining us on-line here.  Contributions are tax-deductible. 

Roberto and Gloria are two of our newest supporters: Roberto just started listening a few weeks ago and finds Tuesday nights one of his favorite times to tune in. Gloria joined our Board of Directors earlier this year and has been a positive force at KFAI. This is radio from the roots of your community--it needs only your support to grow.


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