The Pines Stop By KFAI Monday Morning

Local group The Pines join Pam on Monday, January 30th, 11am, to give a preview of their new album, "Dark So Gold," out January 31st.

David Huckfelt and Benson Ramsey are the founding members of The Pines, signed to Red House Records in 2006. "Dark So Gold," their third album, marks a physical growth in the band from duo to seven members. Pam will talk with David and Benson about that transformation, what it's meant for their songwriting, and what else the two have been up to in their musical lives, since their first visit to Pam Without Boundaries. Be sure to tune in Monday, or catch the interview on-line in the archives.

The Pines celebrate the new album with an in-store performance at the Electric Fetus on Tuesday, January 31st, at 7pm, and a concert on Friday, February 17th, at the Cedar Cultural Center.