Lizz Winstead Back in Twin Cities Dec. 31st

LizzWinstead_0.jpgLizzWinstead_0.jpg Lizz Winstead comes back to the Parkway Theater for her third annual review of the year on December 31st, to close out 2011. Each year seems to present more material for her to skewer her way through, but 2011 also presented new opportunities for Winstead's quick wit and excellent writing skills. Winstead's first book, Lizz Free or Die, will be out through Riverhead Publishing in May of next year, and check out her first piece for The Guardian for a sample of how she takes a mainstream news item and points out the absurdity of the given subject, in the irreverent way journalists are supposed to. (Hint: pizza is a vegetable. OK.)

Tune in to PWB on Monday, December 26th, at 11:15am, for a quick check-in with Winstead as she gets ready to Bang the Dumb Slowly.