Echo Chamber 15th Anniversary Extravaganza!

Less than a year after becoming a KFAI volunteer, and only a few months after board certification, I was called by the Program Director and asked if I could substitute on the Wednesday overnight slot for awhile. So, back in August of 1996, my pal Terry (aka TurntableTerrorist) and I aired the first dubwise program we called The Echo Chamber. Well, now 15 years have passed and The Echo Chamber is still pounding and soothing the brains of its listeners with the heaviest dubs, the most rootical reggae, and the coolest chilled club and world beats. Terry left the Echo Chamber in early 1997, and deejays his own Echo Beach program at WLUW-FM in Chicago. But, on the last day of August he will return and join me (Dr. StrangeDub) and DJ Baby Swiss for a special Echo Chamber 15th Anniversary Extravaganza. This will be an historic and crazy dubwise program...not to be missed!