How did you find out about CFTP?

This is the first of a series of poll questions asked by Ron to his listeners. If you'd like to be added to or removed from the CFTP mailing list, send Ron email to

How did you find out about CFTP? (Asked March 16, 2010)

By accident really. I was doing a Yahoo search for obscure tunes (it might have been Steel Breeze, Dreamin' Is Easy) & landed on one of your old playlists.

I found CFTP when I tuned into Friday Night Poker Party and it wasn't there. I wasn't a rabid listener to FNPP; as I recall, I had only found it by accident while driving around late one Friday night. It was odd enough to keep me coming back; when it vanished, I remember thinking that this new show was cool too, maybe I should listen to it.

I found your show before I had internet. Only listened to terrestrial broadcast at that time. It was a combination of looking at a paper (printed) version of the KFAI program guide for interesting shows, on air promos and cross promotional chatter on other shows I listened to when your show aired on Sunday nights.
Minneapolis, MN

I learned of Crap From The Past before it was on KFAI, when Ron moved to Minneapolis and sent me some recordings of his show in other markets as he was attempting to find a Twin Cities radio venue. I listen live on Friday nights when I can, and participate in the Facebook group in real time. I greatly appreciate the online archives and playlists when I need to catch-up.

Dr. Boogiemonster, himself, told me about Crap From The Past. Some time around the late '90s, Ron taught one of my first training sessions on how to operate the studio equipment when I was learning to become a sound engineer at KFAI. So I listened to his show because he obviously knew his stuff.
Springfield, MO

I was trawling google search results for an old pop song, but I can't remember what song it was! I'll let you know if I can think of it.

I believe it was this post from the Podthoughts series of podcast reviews on the Maximum Fun blog.
Belmont, MA

If I recall correctly, it was indeed an online search for a song that landed on one of my old playlists.

Regular KFAI listener. Stumbled on to your show early after you took on the slot after RRRoom. Been lovin' it ever since.

I had one weak melancholy moment: I thought of my roading days on the big PA systems and mobile discoing in Liverpool and wondered where I could find a copy of Hey DJ by the World Famous Supreme Team. And there the track was on some playlist. I was weak and vulnerable and due to the slow internet connection waited patiently for the track IN AWE at what I was hearing. That Minneapolis chappy has stolen my Mojo, I thought. I was so wrong - the whole damn station had done it; I fell in love with radio again. Hence I get up at 4:30 am every week to interact with the better part of myself.
Liverpool, Merseyside, England

I'm a radio button pusher and am always searching for something unique and different. The very first show I caught on KFAI was Rockin' N' Rhythm. After exploring the station website, I saw your show and was enticed by the name. So I listened one evening and now catch the show whenever I can.

I originally found out about CFTP back in early 2004 when I did an online search for a song for which I had seen the video back in the Eighties. Your playlist of old shows came up at the top of the Google search and I went on the web-site. What made this even more interesting is that I am from Minneapolis and that KFAI is a local station.

I found Crap From The Past when I did an internet search for a song title. My search results yielded a previous playlist, and I downloaded the archived show to listen to it. Ron's website says that if you make it past the first ten minutes, you'll be hooked for life. So here I am.
Pittsburgh, PA

From a DJ at Radio K, who was not Chuck or Joel! Although I cannot remember who it was who told me about the show, this person knew I would like the obscure tunes I partially-remember from so long ago, and this person was right. Minneapolis, MN

From Edison's Tom Webster, who was already a fan.

I listened to Cosmic Slop and REV 105 (R.I.P.) incessantly and was turned onto Crap From The Past by Brad Savage.
St. Cloud, MN

I found out about Crap From the Past when you appeared as a guest on Radio K's Cosmic Slop circa 2000. I subsequently tuned into CFTP from time to time - when I was able to stay up late enough on Sunday nights - and made it a regular part of my retro radio diet when Cosmic Slop left the airwaves (and you moved to Fridays).
Minneapolis, MN

I discovered CFTP in late 1999, just as I was moving from the Twin Cities to Dallas - I'm not sure who gets the credit, but it was either a Boogiemonster appearance on Cosmic Slop (or a mention from Chuck & Joel), or maybe a mention on Brad Savage's KSMM. Through CFTP, I've found other programs on KFAI to enjoy - it's quite an anchor for the station!
St. Louis, MO

I remember the comet Jobriath. Streaked across the sky for a couple months then disappeared forever. One day during breaktime at work, I was talking about him, my coworkers were convinced I was making it up. I pulled out my Macbook, put my laptop connect card in and Googled Jobriath and your Crap From The Past homepage came up. I clicked on the page, found your Jobriath link and played a couple MP3s. It was just amazing to see the looks on coworkers faces when they heard what came out of the computer and we looked all over your site. That was on a Wednesday. That Friday night, I was home with work from the office and I thought, well, why not listen in on Crap From The Past? I tuned in and boy was I hooked! Hey, every Friday Night is now a CRAPPY Night:-)

I usually listen to at work. When I hear a song on there I like I Google the title or artist to try to get more info. Many of the bands played there I haven't heard of before. I was googling a song that I can't remember right now and it came up on a Radio Rumpus Room playlist. This lead me to KFAI which led me to Crap from the Past. I've been enjoying your show ever since.

We found your show by simply scanning the frequencies when we first came to town 7 years ago. That's how we do. I think CFTP was on at a different time, like maybe Sunday nights?. I'm not sure if we actually alighted the tuner on your show or heard a following this show promo. But the name certainly got our attention and the music with your commentary sealed the deal!
Saint Paul, MN

My answer is the same one I submitted for the 18th anniversary episode. I learned about CFTP when I was searching for information about Milli Vanilli, and I came across CFTP's Milli Vanilli page. This was probably in 2004 or so.
Evanston, IL

I had to look back into my e-mail archives to find out when I first sent you an e-mail. It was May of '06, but I'm pretty sure I'd been listening to your shows online for a year or two before that. Strange thing is...I started listening to the show, because I was looking for information on some of the more obscure 45's and LP's in my collection. Time and time again, links to CFTP would come up, for many of the artists in my collection. You were the only one who really devoted any time to these forgotten hits, near-misses, and altogether total flops. So...I started listening in the hopes that I could learn more about my own collection in the process.

Searching online for a song led me the the CFTP archives.
Fleetwood, PA

In 2003, I was looking for the song Hourglass by Squeeze. One of the sites that came up was Crap From The Past. I could listen to the song on the CFTP page.
Marlton, NJ

I believe it was Chuck 'n Joel from Cosmic Slop.

I’m a member of the website METAFILTER, and I think someone mentioned Crap From the Past in a music post several years back. Once I discovered your site, I started listening to the shows once you archived them.

I was doing some searching for an Oldies radio show for my station online. After hearing a show or two and going through several months of playlists I contacted Ron for rights to air the show in February 2006.
Milford, CT

I had moved to the Twin Cities from Texas in October 2000, and I wanted to find something other than Top 40 radio. My job downtown afforded me a look at many things, and I saw a few KFAI shirts on people and bumper stickers on cars. I decided to check it out, and it was there I discovered this show called Crap From the Past, which seemed kind of interesting from its description. I listened to the most recent episode, and I really liked this guy and his sense of humor and his taste and knowledge in music. I was hooked! and I'm still a huge fan of the show.
Lakeville, MN

Thinking back to 1999 or so, I found out about CRAP via word of mouth and common friends in radio business! I am always amazed by the gems you are able to unearth! As always, keep it up!!!!!
Charlottesville, VA

I have to admit that I have listened to CFTP for sooooo many years that I no longer recall how I learned of your show. If I had to guess, it was probably from one of your guest appearances on Cosmic Slop or during Brad Savage's time at The Mighty KSMM-AM. Rock on.

I am pretty sure that I found CFTP sometime in 2004 via a link on the Web site for Barry Scott's Lost 45's radio show (, although I don't see a link for CFTP on his page anymore. I used to listen to the Lost 45's show online each week - when they stopped offering this, I was looking for something similar. I found CFTP and it was way better!!
Austin, TX

Chuck and Joel had you on Cosmic Slop a couple of times. It wasn't until years later that I finally had a radio strong enough to pick up KFAI. Thank you for the music!