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  • The discovery of a cat hoarder in a St. Anthony trailer park has placed the Animal Humane Society in the midst of a public relations nightmare. Normally seen as a protector of animals, the decision to euthanize 120 cats recovered from the raid has angered many animal rights activists. A few of the activists protested in front of the Animal Humane Society building in Golden Valley this morning.

  • Tune in on Wednesday, February 18th at 11 am as Truth to Tell’s special Single-Payer Healthcare: Are We There Yet?

    For the umpteenth successive Legislative session a bill consolidating all Minnesota health insurance into a single public source and making coverage mandatory for all residents. It’s rarely ever found its way out of committee.

  • [img_assist|nid=17814|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=185|height=83]KFAI will celebrate Black History Month with a special day of programming on February 19th. From 6am until 9:30pm, KFAI will feature a variety of programming including music, history, and dialogue from members of the Twin Cities community and from respected national sources.

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  • People have been trying to think and identify themselves outside of racial boxes since before WEB Du Bois called the color line the problem of the twentieth century.

  • To prevent power outages and meet increasing energy demands in South Minneapolis, Xcel Energy proposes two new transmission towers that would connect a high-voltage transmission line between the Hiawatha Avenue corridor and Midtown area, according to Xcel. However, critics say that the proposal would do more harm than good.

  • In Denver, President Obama signed the economic stimulus bill, known as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, into law. The act allocated $787 billion from the US government to be spent on funding for roads, bridges and transit systems, computerizing all Americans’ medical records and making college more affordable for students.

  • Two Honduran workers called on the University of Minnesota to cut ties with their former company, Russell Athletics, which manufactures Gopher apparel. They are on a tour of the US to publicize human rights issues pertaining to sweat shops being used by Russell Athletics manufacturers.

  • Last week in Washington, D.C., the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) set its agenda for immigration reforms. Meanwhile, in the Minnesota House of Representatives, officials are reviewing a bill that could be problematic for immigrants and US citizens alike. KFAI’s Anibal Prestan reports.

    February 16, 2009

  • As the trial to determine Minnesota’s next US Senator drags on, KFAI’s Allison Herrera gets an update on the proceedings from MinnPost reporter, Jay Wiener, who has been at the trial since the beginning.

    February 16, 2009

  • The $787 billion dollar economic stimulus package was finally approved by both the Senate and the House late last week. The bill passed largely along party lines and President Obama is expected to sign the bill into law in Denver tomorrow. KFAI’s Ahndi Fridell spoke with Minnesota Representative Betty McCollum about the bill.

    February 16, 2009