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  • Clint Eastwood’s film, Gran Torino, wowed movie goers and the Hmong community alike, by touting a large cast of new Hmong actors. Will Wright caught up with some of the stars, though not Clint Eastwood, to talk about what the film means to the Hmong community and their stories.


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  • With the recent surprise announcement that St. Paul Schools Superintendent, Maria Carstarphen, is leaving for Austin, Texas at the end of the school year, the school board has to search for a new leader. This is the district’s third superintendent search in ten years. KFAI’s Anibal Prestan reports.


  • Last April President Bush signed the Second Chance Act, a law which seeks to improve the lives of former inmates following the completion of their sentences. Several Minnesota state legislators introduced bills this session that address the obstacles former inmates face when looking for housing and jobs.

  • Federal stimulus money from Washington provides some relief for Minnesota’s deficit problems. The deficit would be 6.4 billion dollars, but thanks to the federal stimulus, Minnesota’s deficit is now only 4.57 billion dollars. The federal help eases some of Minnesota’s fiscal troubles, but still leaves state legislators with the problem of how to lessen Minnesota’s debt.

  • Last week, Minnesota legislators held town hall meetings all over the state of Minnesota to hear what citizens had to say about the forecasted $5 billion budget deficit. The hearings were packed with citizens who had plenty of concerns to share with their legislators. KFAI’s Sara Abdelaal brings the highlights from one of the meetings in Minneapolis.


  • Timothy Den Herder-Thomas, a student at Macalester College, recently spoke at this year’s Clinton Global Initiative University on Energy and Climate Change at the University of Texas in Austin. The initiative took place February 13-15 and was attended by nearly 1,000 students.

  • Last week, several local online journalists and bloggers lobbied the Minesota House of Representatives for the right to the same press credentials that radio, print, and television journalists receive. Among the journalists in attendance was KFAI’s Truth to Tell correspondent and producer of, Marty Owings.

  • A Minneapolis mosque, associated by law enforcement officials with a handful of missing Somali young men, answered its critics with an open house. Mosque representatives want to dispel any concerns by showing the revered religious center as an open environment that promotes messages of peace.

  • Metropolitan State University hosted the first annual African American Male Summit, a program for young African Americans from various Twin Cities high schools, encouraging empowerment, leadership, and service. KFAI’s Ramla Bile brings us the story.

  • The latest legal news resulting from the Republican National Convention, held in St. Paul last September… Seven lawsuits alleging police misconduct were filed in US District Court in St. Paul. KFAI’s Michelle Alimoradi speaks to reporter Marty Owings, who is covering the press conference.