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  • Story by Susan Gray

    Police estimate that over five thousand people, many of them wearing hooded sweat shirts, rallied yesterday evening at the University of Minnesota in reaction to the Trayvon Martin case in Florida.
    The rally was part of a national campaign launched on social media called “A Million Hoodies for Trayvon Martin.”
    Martin was shot Feb.

  • Story by Marty Owings & Ahndi Fridell

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  • Where does your food come from? Who picked your raspberries and canned your corn? There are over 2 million Migrant Farm Workers in the United States —who are they and why are they here?

  • Story by Marty Owings and Ahndi Fridell
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  • Story by Edwin Allen

    Proposals for expanding the transit network around the Twin Cities include the creation of corridors that might include new light rail lines or an option called bus rapid transit, which mimics the look and feel of a rail line at a lower cost. But before anything can be built, funding must be identified, political support solidified, and community members engaged.

  • Story by Bob Hines and Michelle Alimoradi

    On March 24th, a photo exhibit will go on display at the Whittier Gallery at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design that features the images and recorded testimony of thirteen young Somali Men. The project is an attempt to document the lives of these men as they try to feel at home in Minnesota.

  • Story by Terry Carter

    Tuesday, March 20th is the birthday of the late Children’s TV host Fred Rogers. A lot of people who grew up watching his long-running show on public television miss Fred Rogers and find comfort in their memories of watching his show.

  • Story by Marty Owings and Ahndi Fridell

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  • Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak said this week that a number of trends show signs of an economic recovery in Minneapolis. He cited a decline in the unemployment rate and growth in the labor force and job creation as positive indicators, and he pointed to an increase in permit activity and a drop in foreclosure rates.

  • The Minneapolis School Board has voted to expand charter school options available to families in the city. Eric Mahmoud, co-founder of Harvest Prep 20 years ago (and more recently, Best Academy) will have the opportunity to open four new charter schools over the next 10 years.