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  • Story by Christina Cerruti

    For over a year, the struggle between the people of Syria and the Syrian government has been making headlines around the world. A large number of Syrians live outside the country … some of them here in Minnesota.

  • Story by Teresa Townsend

    Although few Minnesotans know about the ongoing struggle between Eritrea and Ethiopia, the conflict has a long history and a global reach.
    Some Minnesota families have felt the situation’s tragic side effects when relatives, trying to leave Eritrea, have been kidnapped by smugglers.
    KFAI’s Teresa Townsend has a report.

  • Story by Will Wright

    Democracy Now co-host Juan Gonzalez has written a book with Joseph Torres about the history of media and ethnic bias in news reporting.
    The book is called “News for All The People.”
    Torres visited Minnesota this week, and talked with KFAI’s Will Wright about the reasons he and Gonzalez took on this topic.

  • Story by Christina Cerruti

    Journalist and Democracy Now Host Amy Goodman was in Minnesota recently to speak at this year’s awards ceremony for the John R. Finnegan Freedom of Information Award, given annually by the Minnesota Coalition on Government Information – a group promoting openness and access to government records.

  • Story by Marty Owings

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  • Story by Bob Hines

    V.J. Smith describes himself as “a turnaround specialist”. He was abandoned by his parents when he was nine years old. Placed in foster care, he eventually ran away and got involved with drugs and criminal activity that led to his arrest in the early 1980s. He decided straighten out his life and started looking for positive ways to affect his community.

  • Story by Susan Gray

    Police estimate that over five thousand people, many of them wearing hooded sweat shirts, rallied yesterday evening at the University of Minnesota in reaction to the Trayvon Martin case in Florida.
    The rally was part of a national campaign launched on social media called “A Million Hoodies for Trayvon Martin.”
    Martin was shot Feb.

  • Story by Marty Owings & Ahndi Fridell

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  • Where does your food come from? Who picked your raspberries and canned your corn? There are over 2 million Migrant Farm Workers in the United States —who are they and why are they here?

  • Story by Marty Owings and Ahndi Fridell
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