Hint: We've got some great KFAI items -- socks, tote bags, caps, mugs, and T-shirts

Don't forget: When you contribute to KFAI not only do you support the best community station anywhere but you also have a chance to score exclusive KFAI items like these. KFAI does not have an advertising budget, but we have YOU -- and these!

This Fall you can choose from the following premiums:

  • $60 - KFAI custom socks (new design for Fall 2018) *
  • $60 - KFAI tote bag*
  • $78 - The cool KFAI beanie (what you might call a stocking cap)
  • $78 - KFAI mug
  • $100 - Limited-edition KFAI T-shirt (new for Fall 2018; vintage KFAI logo on a red or black shirt -- your choice)
  • $178 - KFAI hoodie sweatshirt in red or black (your last chance to obtain this limited-edition item)


PLEDGE HERE to support KFAI Fresh Air Radio, and don't forget to let us know what show you are pledging to and what premium you would like. (If you use PayPal just include this info in the comment area.) Follow us on the socials for fun photos of other great premiums you could score this drive.

As always, THANK YOU for supporting KFAI!


(*) Please note: Apparently the drawdown menu does not list items at the $60 level. If you are contributing at that level (or greater) and desire the KFAI socks or tote bag, simply indicate that in the comments block. Sorry for that bit of extra work -- and thanks for your support!


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