Theater of Public Policy - Second Chances and Mandatory Minimum Sentencing

Every Monday night at the HUGE Theater in Uptown, Minneapolis, the Theater of Public Policy takes a close look at weighty issues and lightens them using the magic of humor.  
And every Monday morning the mirthful wonks from T2P2 offer KFAI Morning Blend listeners a public policy quiz.  
Today's topic: Mandatory Minimum Sentencing.  
Today on the Morning Blend, Siobhan Kierans talked with Tane Danger and Brandon Boat about the topic, and KFAI listeners had a chance to take a little quiz about tonight's guest, Second Chance Coalition co-founder Sarah Catherine Walker.  

Approximately how many inmates are in Minnesota state prisons as of 2013?

A. 8,100

B. 9,500

C. 11,700

D. 13,300

Listen for the answer in the audio clip below as Siobhan talks with Tane and Brandon. 
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