Historic Art Heist Nabs Book


In 1978, the biggest art heist in Minnesota history happened in St. Louis Park.   Seven Norman Rockwell paintings and a Renoir that might have been fake were taken from the Elayne Gallery.   What followed was a twenty year effort to find the art and identify the culprits.  The Rockwell paintings were eventually recovered, but no one has been convicted the crime.

Bruce Rubenstein is the Minnesota author who wrote a  book on “The Rockwell Heist.  He'll be at Common Good Books in St. Paul at Snelling and Grand Avenue at 7pm on Thursday, March 28th.  On Thursday April 4th he’ll be at Once Upon a Crime Bookstore, at Lyndale Avenue South and West 26th Street in Minneapolis. 

Rubenstein talked with KFAI's Terry Carter on The Morning Blend.

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