Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) Dr. Curt Ficenec - May 14th Health Notes

What is PEMF therapy?

PEMF is a revolutionary health technique that utilizes the power of pulsed magnetic fields that have been found to signal healing. Nikoli Tesla first discovered the use of electromagnetic fields sometime back in the 19th century. Medical scientists in the early 20s employed this energy generating power to promote bone healing in fractured bones. European doctors began using the same type of therapy to help patients with many sorts of disorders including cancer, strokes, Parkinsons, as well as for chronic pain. It has been discovered and reported by Columbia University in NYC that Pulsed Magnetic Therapy can be used for nerve regeneration.

How Exactly Does It Work?

Pulsed magnetic fields are created by a plasma generator. This device pulses the fields at the same frequency as the Earths natural magnetic field. This is important as our body is sensitive to frequencies. When it is pulsed properly and at the correct strength, PEMF has been shown to recreate the effects of normal body functions found in wound healing, bone and soft tissue regeneration, as well as in nerve regeneration. It has also been reported to help with autophagy which is the bodies process of hauling away the old dead and dying cells are replacing them with fresh healthy cells.

*Who benefits from PEMF therapy?

In todays world, we live in a very toxic environment. In fact, it is said we eat/breathe/drink 82,000 toxins. These toxins have a harmful effect of altering our bodys DNA and the internal environment in which our cells live and multiply. By altering that environment, many people suffer from early effects of aging and cell death. The result is chronic health conditions.
PEMF stimulates autophagy, a process of removing those sick and dying cells. Therefore, it can be said that really, all of us on the planet will benefit from PEMF. Who will notice the effects of PEMF the most? Well, of course, the people who have the most illness.
We cannot say cure/treat when we talk about PEMF. PEMF merely improves the quality of life and has been shown in many research projects at major universities to help people with strokes/Parkinson's/chronic pain/degenerative health conditions/broken bones that wont heal/depression and non healing open wounds