The Last Night of Summer.

So you think summer is over, hey buddy? No more mint for your mojitos? No more fresh pineapple for your Pi-Yis? No more riding bareback or sunbathing nude? No more nothing? Well friend, don't get upset. Summer's not over until Jet Set Planet says it's over. Join host Glen Leslie for 90 minutes of the best in Exotica to celebrate the Last Night of Summer, Monday September 24th, from 10:30pm to midnight. He'll be doing his best to keep the tiki torches burning one more night, before the fall leaves fly, and Old Man Winter cranks up his sno-cone machine. You'll hear from the famous Exotica practitioners (Martin Denny, Les Baxter, Arthur Lyman) as well as from the unknowns (Alex Keack, Gene Rains, the Kokee Band) -- with a handful of hacks thrown in for good measure. So bust out the rum for one more night of summer, on Jet Set Planet, Monday September 24th from 10:30pm to midnight on KFAI.