Truth to Tell - Community Benefits Agreements

Just what are Community Benefits Agreements (CBAs)? Are they doing what local mandates cannot do for redeveloping communities to ensure jobs, job protections, green spaces, racial equity and adequate housing? What are the options for struggling communities?
Can developers really be trusted to live up to their promises?
What is missing from CBAs that cities and other governments should be requiring?

Listen to Truth to Tell on Wednesday, September 5 at 11am as Andy Driscoll and co-host Craig Cox will talk with advocates and movers of community benefits agreements [CBAs].


Russ Adams, Executive Director of the Alliance for Metropolitan Stability

Ralph Wyman, Longfellow Community Council resident leader

Larry Hiscock, Harrison Neighborhood Association Executive Director

Eugene Dix, African American Action Committee (AAAC) of Brooklyn Park

Vic Rosenthal, Jewish Community Action, Executive Director