Hoot Owls' Barry Pirkola on Radio Rumpus Room

Hear the Hoot Owls' Barry Pirkola on Radio Rumpus Room, this Friday, August 31st at approximately 9:30 p.m.. Frontman for this Duluth surf-hotrod-rock'n'roll band whose latest CD Alien Scrapyard has been garnering lots of airplay on Radio Rumpus Room and the Fubar Omniverse, Pirkola will be talking about the interstellar invasion- and hot rod-themed album, as well as the roddin' scene in Duluth and of course this Saturday's Surf Stomp at the Hexagon Bar, where the Hoot Owls will be performing.

As a bonus, he promises to phone us from inside his father's chopped '40 Merc custom, parked in the garage-turned-rec room.

It all comes down this Friday, August 31st. Radio Rumpus Room broadcasts from 9-10:30 pm, so tune in and catch what you can!


And don't forget: Radio Rumpus Room's groundbreaking (for us at least) duet with Todd Newman (in the Minneapolis studios) and Lori Wray (over the phone from Lawrence, Kansas) will remain in the KFAI archives for one more week. It (and the whole interview) was utterly engaging, and worth the effort to catch while you can. You can find RRR's August 24 show right here through September 7.