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On Friday, November 14th, KFAI will host a reception honoring Dr. Willie Dean.   The event is scheduled from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. in the KFAI green room.

As part of the staff restructuring passed on October 3rd by KFAI’s Board of Directors, the position of Executive Director was eliminated.  Under the new configuration, the staff will be led by a General Manager – a post for which Dr. Dean did not apply. 

An overnight musical marathon, protesting drone warfare, took place on the West Bank this past weekend. The effort was inspired by a comment last summer from Alan Sparhawk of the Duluth indie trio Low after his band filled an entire 27-minute set with one song. “Drone, not drones,” was Sparhawk’s explanation.
The Drone Not Drones benefit raised money for Doctors Without Borders and gave musicians a chance to voice their opposition to the Obama Administration’s use of unmanned aircraft to kill terrorism suspects in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
KFAI correspondent Ryan Dawes was on the scene and filed this report.

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The sharp boundary line that divides high school and college is starting to blur. It’s not unusual these days for high school students to earn college credit before they graduate. “Dual Credit Course” options are available to 11th and 12th graders, and even 10th graders who qualify. These options are numerous and often hard to navigate, yet Joe Nathan, Director of the Center for School Change, believes that the payoffs of these courses for students far outweigh the negatives.

The center has produced informational videos in Hmong, English, Somali, Arabic and Spanish. You can see them at the website Center for school change dot org.

Joe Nathan talked with KFAI’s Hannah Rank about the value of “Dual Credit Courses.”

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The Minnesota Budget Project says even though Minnesota’s economy is improving, many workers are still struggling to climb out of the Great Recession.
The Budget Project is an initiative of the Minnesota Council of Non Profits.
Christina Wessel is the Deputy Director of the project and she talked with KFAI’s Paul Brohaugh about the differences in the economy now and before the year 2008.

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Female-headed households in Minnesota are the most likely type of family configuration to be in poverty. And a persistent wage gap and “occupational clustering” contribute to the poverty that afflicts women and their families.

These are some of the findings of a study of Women’s Economic Security in the state of Minnesota. The report is the work of the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota and the Center on Women and Public Policy at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School.

Deb Fitzpatrick is director of the Center on Women and Public Policy. She talked with KFAI’s Paul Brohaugh on the Morning Blend.

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University of Minnesota Law School professor and family law expert June Carbone says marriage in its traditional form no longer works effectively for huge sections of the American public.

In her recently released book “Marriage Markets”, Carbone argues that social inequality has changed the way men and women match up with each other and alters their expectations about each other and the future. 

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Edison High School Life Skills teacher Chris Pennington is campaigning to win ten thousand dollars. Thee prize is being awarded to The Most Innovative Teacher in America, through a contest called “The Great American Teach-Off”. Pennington has made it to the final round. It’s down to two educators Pennington and Everett Rodriguez, a music teacher at Liberty High School in Glen Daniel West Virginia.

All the voting is done online and there are 4 days left until a winner is declared. Chris Pennington joined Mike Fischbein and Flor Frey on KFAI’s Morning Blend.

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The Twin Cities are part of a national effort to eradicate homelessness among veterans sometime during the next two years. Eleven state agencies are working to get to this goal ahead of similar efforts in other participating cities in Ohio and Iowa.
KFAI recently talked with two leaders in Minnesota’s campaign to address this issue – Mikkel Beckmen of Heading Home Hennepin and Cathy ten Broeke, the State Director to Prevent and End Homelessness. ten Broeke talked with KFAI’s Diksha Maurya who asked about the inter-city competition to see to it that our veterans do not live on the street.

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Fighting continues in Egypt.  On August 18th, the Egyptian government admitted that its security forces killed 36 Islamists who were in its custody. 

On August 19th, militants ambushed a police convoy in the northern Sinai region and 24 officers were killed. 

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