New adds to the Digital Library & upcoming shows


Lets do this people.  🙂

#2 – New records added to the digital library.

New records added, many records who need to be sorted, over 3 months worth now so please give it a gander.  Also, It’s a great way to find new music for your show!  I believe Mason can show you were to access these records and not only find new music, but help us sort some new stuff.  There are also repeats, records and singles that need to be relabeled, and perhaps organized by artists.  Join the music library team and do the digital dance.


#3 – Same link – bands coming to town and interview options

Here are some of the shows we have access to.


This next week between taxes and midterms (I’m grading them, not taking them), and it will be hard for me to get back to any requests, so thank you for your patience in advance.

Cheers and have a great pledge drive!


  •  Your friendly neighborhood volunteer music director – abbi


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