This week’s play list.

Sub Sonic Stu filled in for Georgia this week.

Brad Lansky and the Anti-STARC, a hard-science fiction story from in South Africa.

The Wave Project celebrates Easter Sunday with a tribute to “Jack Ervin: Gangbuster, Jet Setter, Scandalous Book Publisher, World War II Veteran, and Jazzman Extraordinaire” hosted by his youngest son, John Ervin.

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Today during the first hour we listened to music of the Nyckleharpa Orchestra, recorded live at the Nordic Roots Festival 2001. Recording engineer was Chris Dronen and edited by Dan Rein

In the second hour we listened to an interview with Sarah Plum, violin and viola professor at Drake University.

A good Easter music program to help facilitate the celebration of Man’s release from the bondage of sin by Christ Jesus resurrection.

Root Of All Evil Radio Playlist 4/8/12 with Nathan, Tim & John