Reality Check by David Schultz, Second Mom from Radio Rookies, The Other End of the Line by Aaron Henkin

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More music, less talk today.

Played a lot of music by the Hillbilly Voodoo Dolls as a musical tribute to our friend Paul Manske, who passed away earlier this week. Also some Johnny Otis and Etta James.

Lots of rockin’ stuff plus new releases by Lincoln Durham and Martin Zellar & The Hardways.

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Today’s show starts off celebrating the contribution Antonio Carlos Jobim (Brasil) gave to the world – on the anniversary of his birth.

Another ton of new stuff tonight, and a whole lot of classics as well. Starting out with the cool new Dark Side of the Mood from Kukan-dUb-Lagan, followed by the Sin Señal / No Signal EP from Lata and mildtape. Also new: “High Plains Drifter – The Upsetters from the archive (on Pressure Sounds); plus new Marty Dread, Irie Sol, Princess Anla, Elihu and more. Classics from Bob Marley, The Techniques,Winston Jarrett, Jackie Mittoo, Prince Far-I and others…

Ron and Jean, former inmates of the Radio Rumpus Room, sat in for Abbi this week. It rocked. It rolled. It crawled on its belly like a reptile…

It’s an all-music show tonight, with the latest music from Radio France Internationale to some golden oldies from the past.

We speak with Carol O’Connell about her new novel, The Chalk Girl, the latest in her bestselling Mallory series, about a wounded but dangerous New York City police detective — the take-no-prisoners, sociopathic heroine Kathy Mallory.

Our guest in the second half of the show is Thomas Frank, author of the bestseller, What’s the Matter with Kansas?, who will be discussing his new book, Pity the Billionaire. We’ll talk about how the Right has managed to successfully shift the blame to Democrats for its failed economic policies.