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Five stories from KFAI’s 10,000 Fresh Voices series:

1. Nellie Stone Johnson
Produced by Dixie Treichel
Nellie Stone Johnson was born in 1905, with an ancestral mix of African-American, Native-American, and Euro-American heritage. She grew up on a farm in rural Minnesota, moved to Minneapolis, and by the late 1930s was one of the most influential forces in the state’s civil rights and labor movements. Produced for KFAI by Dixie Treichel. Oral history materials of an interview with Nellie Stone Johnson in 1975 provided courtesy of the Minnesota Historical Society, with assistance from Ryan Barland.

2. Jack Edwards
Produced by Britt Aamodt
In a career that has spanned 50 years, Jack Edwards has dressed New York theater royalty and Hollywood stars; from Katherine Hepburn, to Carol Burnett and Geraldine Page. In 1971, Edwards left Hollywood, where he was working with renowned designer Bob Mackie on “The Carol Burnett Show,” to become the costume director and designer at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. His 18 years at the Guthrie, including his design work with private clients like Prince, musician Lorie Line, opera star Mildred Miller and Ruth Bachman, of Bachman’s Floral, has made him the dean of Minnesota costume design. The Goldstein Museum of Design on the University of Minnesota’s St. Paul campus is offering a retrospective of Edwards’ work, including costumes and sketches for Guthrie shows and private clients, through May 2012.

3. The Iron Lady of Chisholm: Veda Pinokvar
Produced by Britt Aamodt
Veda Ponikvar is known as “The Iron Lady of Chisholm,” and recognized by the Historical Society as one of Minnesota’s 150 most important people. Born of humble beginnings to Eastern European immigrants on the Iron Range in northeastern Minnesota, Veda attended college, served in World War II, and returned to her hometown to start the Chisholm Free Press. She is a life-long advocate for workers, children and the mentally disabled. KFAI producer Britt Aamodt journeyed up north to talk to this 93-year-old icon.

4. Cantus a capella group
Produced by Michelle Alimoradi
Minnesota has been recognized as the national capitol of choral music. Each year singers from around the country come to the Twin Cities to audition for Cantus—a premier, all-male professional a Capella ensemble, and one of only two of its kind in the United States. Produced for KFAI by Michelle Alimoradi.

5. The Twin Cities Irish music scene
Produced by Bobbie Scott
Minnesota may be famous for its Scandinavian heritage, but it’s also home to a vibrant Irish music community. From weekly sessions at pubs like Keegan’s in Northeast Minneapolis, to classes at the Center for Irish Music in the Midway area of St. Paul, Irish music is flourishing. KFAI producer Bobbie Scott talked to local players about the traditional Irish music scene in the Twin Cities.

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Adult Learning Program – Dr. David Stussy – Brain Doctor

Dr. David Stussy “Brain Doctor” talked about his newest creation – the Adult Learning Program This program is for adults who have been in car accidents, have had concussions, ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Asbergers, or just having a difficult time making decisions.

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BIRTHDAYS-IN-BLUE From the Land of the Round Haircut and more…Like a St PATRICK’s DAY Countdown AND a St URHO’s DAY Tune Round-Up – - –

Alden and I dedicate the show today to all the Johnnys out there.

Two by two, hard-boiled. Two tales of the silly noir type, starring Black Jack Justice and his partner, Trixie Dixon. Both from Decoder Ring Theatre in Canada.