Hosts: Dixie Treichel & John Townsend

Guests: Representative Susan Allen, Erica Fields,
Jamie Nabozny & Gretchen Murr, The Nancy Boys

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Julie Anderson and Mark Valenziano, Foundation Fighting Blindness.

Guest host,Lydia Howell. Her regular KFAI show is CATALYST:politics & culture, Thursdays, 9am

Eric from Secret Stash Records stopped by to talk about Saturday’s

Mickey Murray LP release party

at the Cedar. Along the way we heard some great records from Mickey (GA, USA), Geraldo Pino & his Heart Beats (Sierra Leone), Nneka (Nigeria/Germany), Alkibar Gignor (Mali), and the Addis Acoustic Project (Ethiopia).

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1/19 in a nutshell…

In which we get Ringrolled! Also, Giuliano Palma comes In From The Cold while The Pietasters stay Out All Night. The Miceteeth are in a Meeting with gigantic (and presumably radioactive) ants, and some outfit called Qypthone don’t cover Marley, but Teresa Brewer does cover Millie! And leading up to all that, you ask?
Cool 4(+1)-in-a-row this week__ This Are Post-2Tone!
Starring the original Selecter having just bailed and going direct-to-Chrysalis, the Dammers-less Specials of the ’90s (on MCA), the always Buster-ful Bad Manners (on a Fatty-helmed Blue Beat, and later Moon), and Madness undercover as a cover band (The Dangermen)! In the Voov, Sherwood unearths tracks from a 3rd Tipsy album he’d never heard of before (Buzzz on Ipecac) and drops some interesting 45s into his set, and (ooh!) a well-rounded hour of first- and second-generation ska is bookended by King Desmond at the start and Morgan the Hoople at the finish. Inbetween… well, hear it for yourself!

It’s a guy show, featuring strong, masculine voices from Jerez and Huelva.

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SOPA de Que?” Twin Cities Hip Hop is featured on this episode of Radio Pocho plus we give you the scoop on SOPA and not the kind our jefitas make.

Cyril Paul & the Calypso Monarchs
Produced by Dick Rees.

Cyril Paul and the Calypso Monarchs perform at Caponi Art Park.

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