A BIG "Thank YOU" to Sister Melinda J sitting in for me today.

   Today's refreshing show was hosted by David Wiley, whom many of you may remember from his "Mystery Train" show a few years ago here on KFAI. This edition of "Good and Country" was created by David, and he titled it "Hymn Time". Archive will be available until 6PM central time Saturday 9-8-2012. Many thanks to David for creating and hosting the show! Enjoy.

I had two phone interviews today: the first with saxophonist David Sanborn, appearing at the Burnsville Performing Arts Center this evening; and the second with John Jorgenson, of the John Jorgenson Quintet and the Desert Rose Band, a country rock band appearing at the Dakota on Monday and Tuesday. There were also songs from Miles Davis, Billie Holiday, Hank Crawford, and Gerry Mulligan, and well as new music from Kevin Coelho and Uli Geissendorfer.

20th Annual Charlie Parker Jazz Festival : with Yonci Jameson & guest co-host Ebrima Sarge

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