6/21 in a nutshell…
Paul McCartney recently hit big 7-0 (even bigger than big 6-4!) ;^) and we saluted him in the “Ooh” with a little help (not “HELP!”… Ringo Ska ain’t “Oldies” yet, give the lads some time) from Ernest Ranglin and The Skatalites, in that order. We bumpered a new remaster of our own “Greenhenge” and an advance demo of “Vibe Steady”, aired some choice ska by Byron Lee & the Dragonaires (coming to town, minus the late, great Mr. Lee_ see Announcements) and docked with the Voovie Doo Lounge. There, Sherwood B. Funn took over by back-to-backing Shiina Ringo and Sun Ra’a Arkestra (btw, we believe we’ve found the Tokyo Ska connection… an early Ra composition called “Paradise”, on Sound of Joy, to which the legendary Japanese ska titans replied decades later by naming a cd release Arkestra …we think that’s the story in a nutshell… we could be wrong!) Now back to the bigger nutshell… Ska on the Jazz Side made up the 4@4, and surprisingly enough, we were brought up short (???!!!) and had to throw a Froggie in there to actually make four! We’d have used Jazz Jamaica All Stars’ “Confucious”, but we were saving that for GotchaSKAvered. We’ll reprise “Ska on the Jazz Side” when we can roll it for most of an hour! If you’ve been staying up with us all the way to The End in recent weeks, you may have noticed The Night Sky Turning Blue before the show’s over. We capitalize that thanks in no small part to Buford O’Sullivan, whose song “The Night Sky’s Turning Blue” is magnified by the dawn beginning to break in the eastern sky in the late spring/early summer. Enjoy it while it lasts, complete with Buford’s fine song for a soundtrack. The Night Sky doesn’t Turn Blue on my watch the whole summer long, after all…

Minnesota’s Karen Community: Third Home from Burma

Produced by Marisa Helms

The fastest-growing refugee community in Minnesota over the past few years is a population from Southeast Asia most Minnesotans have never heard of—the Karen (pronounced Kuh-RENN). The nearly 7,000 Karen living here, mostly on the east side of St. Paul, have kept a low profile since they first started arriving in 2000. Their journey to Minnesota has been long and difficult. The Karen are an oppressed ethnic minority from Burma, the country also known as Myanmar, and for more than 60 years, innocent Karen men, women and children have become displaced by violence and civil war. Like many refugees who come to Minnesota, the Karen are here because they want to be safe and free from persecution. Most importantly, they want to give their children a better life and a good education. As producer Marisa Helms reports in this MinneCulture audio documentary, the story of the Karen is about resilience and the survival of a community and culture. Here in Minnesota, the Karen have found refuge, and finally, hope for the future.

Sun Tunnels by Scott Carrier, Poke Stick Scrape Dump by Bill Palladino, & Showing the Garden by Ruth Draper.

"We Hope You're Ready For Flo & Eddie" + Kim Lenz + Old Californio interviews…… show today.  Started off with a surprise phone call by Kim Lenz.  She's so cool, we had to drop what we were doing to chat with her.  Her band, Kim Lenz & The Jaguars are coming back to town to play Lee's Liquor Lounge tomorrow night (well, that depends on when you're reading this, doesn't it?).  Thursday 6/21 it is, or was.